Memory’s a Funny Thing…

A while back I read an article on about how our memory isn’t exactly great at keeping things straight. This week has been an excellent example for me of how true this is. Somewhere along the way during the times I’ve moved house over the last 6 or so years I lost track of a couple of things, and put it down to stuff getting packed in the wrong box and accidentally taken to the tip.

However, my mother mentioned that she’d found a box of my stuff at her place, and wanted me to go through it before we moved interstate.  So, I open up the box, and find a bunch of stuff I forgot that I had.  What was even weirder was that the two items I’d “lost” were in the box too.

What was weirdest though, was that I had distinct memories of using one of these things in my previous house, and had a distinct memory of packing the other up when we moved out.  Clearly both these memories were bullshit, because I had neither item in that house.

It’s got me wondering about just how accurate my memories are, and how many of the ones I’m absolutely certain of are in fact utter horse shit…

New Years Resolutions

Based on previous years’ lack of success keeping my new years resolutions, I’m going with one that’s impossible not to keep.  This year my new years’ resolution is to not make new years’ resolutions.  Ignoring the obvious logical problem with that previous sentence, this will make 2017 the year that I don’t fail to keep my resolutions.

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