Food for Thought

I’ve been thinking a lot about food over the last couple of days (and I just couldn’t resist throwing in the puntastic title).  I find it rather interesting that so much of what is standard fair these days has such negative health impacts  (gluten and lectins anyone?).  But, I’ve been surprised at what else is lurking in what I would have considered perfectly healthy food.

I was reading the Marks Daily Apple Forums today at lunch, when I found an interesting thread, talking about nightshades.  I found it interesting for two reasons.  Firstly, there was the wide range of foods considered to be nightshades, and secondly, there was the effect that they can have on people (if you’re wondering what I mean by nightshades, check this page, as it sums it all up very nicely).

Despite having read about nightshades in the past, I was still surprised at the amount of nightshades in my diet.  Tomatoes? Check.  Capsicum? Check.  Chilli? Check.  Cayene Pepper? Check.  Paprika? Check. Potatoes? Check.  The list goes on, but these are the ones I tend to eat the most.

This is all very interesting, but why is this a problem?  As it turns out, nightshades have been linked to such things as osteoarthritis and other joint issues and auto-immune conditions.  Reading through the thread above, you could be forgiven for thinking that we’re doomed to a miserable life of pain if we don’t give them up, but like all things in life, your mileage may vary.

On a related note, I found another interesting thread, “Your Brain on Weight Loss”, talking about how our brain plays such a large part in how we lose or gain weight, and what we can do to make things easier for ourselves.  The most important message I took from what I’ve read so far is this: “To be healthy you must stop worrying about being healthy”.  So, I think I’ll take a page from another forum member, whose approach to eating, and life in general can be best summed up as “If it grew or moved, then I ate it, I lifted some heavy stuff, put it back down and ran a bit, that’s it”.

I had thought of cutting out nightshades for a while and see how I reacted, but on second thoughts, I like the simplicity of just eating good healthy food, doing a workout here and there, and just not worrying about it all.  Seems like a much better way of going about it…

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